Smart Irrigation Advisory

In South Asia, farmers waste a tremendous amount of water to meet the growing demand for food, thereby wasting fuel for ground pumping, depleting groundwater, reducing crop yield and ultimately making farming less profitable. At the root of the issue is the lack of awareness by farmers on how much to irrigate according to the needs of the crop, current and future weather conditions. The Smart Irrigation Advisory system developed by Happy Earth Solutions tracks past and present weather and soil conditions using satellites and uses future weather forecast information from models to advise farmers on the optimum amount of irrigation for their crops. This allows farmers to avoid situations when irrigation is unnecessary or not required in abundance. Click here for an illustration of the Happy Solution.

Smarter Irrigation Advisory

Smart Irrigation Advisory System needs to be smarter. The irrigation text advisory cannot be sent to all 130 million farmers of South Asia as a basic service yet. Regions experiencing more unsustainable usage of groundwater for irrigation need to be prioritized by targeting the farmers with the highest footprint of water and fuel use. The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite can rapidly identify regions with fast depleting groundwater. Landsat Thermal Imagery can then identify individual farms and farmers with the highest footprint for ground water pumping. This allows the Smart Irrigation Advisory System developed by Happy Earth Solutions to precision target farmers who need the irrigation advisory more than others and achieve a bigger impact for the same bandwidth. Click here for an illustration of the smarter Happy Earth Solution

Crop Advisory

Most farmers around the world are marginal and own land less than an acre. These farms form a complex web of diverse crops and farming practices that require hyper-local advisory for irrigation and weather advisory that is both affordable and sustainable. Using environmental sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and Low-Powered Wide area Network (LPWAN), it is now possible to provide hyper-local advisory for irrigation and weather that is both cheap and sustainable. Using the already-developed coarse resolution smart irrigation advisory service from satellites and weather prediction model, this solution developed by Happy Earth Solutions, known as Provision for Advisory on Necessary Irrigation (PANI), combines IoT-ready sensors in a LPWAN wireless environment to provide plot specific irrigation and weather advisory appropriate for each marginal farmer. Click here for an illustration of the PANI solution by Happy Earth Solutions.

Extreme Weather Advisory

Extreme weather such as extreme temperature, heavy rainfall, high winds and hail can damage crops. Happy Earth Solutions has developed extreme weather advisory solutions based on open-source models and mobile text-based dissemination schemes. These solutions can provide forecast of extreme weather with advisory on harvest or intervention strategies at 3-7 day timescales and potentially save farmers from extensive crop damage and production loss.