“Humanity’s greatest achievements are not in the scientific discoveries but how they are applied to reduce inequity and injustice” (Bill Gates)

Happy Earth Solutions is an initiative that aims to transform use-inspired research to culturally-aware and user-ready tools of hope for improved security in food, energy, water and a healthy eco-system. Happy Earth Solutions provides its services and products for FREE. There is no cost to the user, stakeholder or beneficiary who needs our user-ready solutions urgently.

If you are still wondering how Happy Earth Solutions can offer user-ready scientific solutions for FREE, then think of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), or Amnesty International for science while retaining the same commitment to social justice and equity. It is this dogged style of fighting for those who are forgotten, left-behind and voiceless that Happy Earth Solutions uses for solving problems in Food, Energy and Water for a healthier and more equitable planet. Happy Earth Solutions gives hope to the marginalized in resource and capacity-limited environments around the world that need rapid uptake of scientific solutions, for FREE. You can find more information here.